Putting the Church to Bed: Compline at Home

How’s your evening routine every day? Is it peaceful and recollected, with your thoughts tending toward heaven as you head to bed each night? Well, it can be that way–that is what the prayer of Compline is for.


Catholic Mini-Books for Evangelization and Education

I love books. I love writing and graphic design. And I especially love being Catholic. If you are like that too, then making mini-books is definitely a project for you. All you do is take a regular piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, fold it in half both ways and the long halves in half again, until you have eight equal sections. Then after you cut at the middle fold, you fold it together inwards and–voila!–a tiny book with a front and back cover and six inner pages.

Book Review: “Ugly As Sin” by Michael Rose

Catholic churches—how should we build them in this enlightened and sophisticated 21st century? Actually, it’s no mystery. And it’s not up to subjective interpretation: there are principles and plenty of precedent for the construction of Catholic church buildings. Well, if you want to know how we should construct a Catholic church (and perhaps more importantly,…

Book Review: A Sense of the Sacred

For Christmas last year my husband bought me the huge (684 pages, weighs 3 lbs!) and beautiful book A Sense of the Sacred: Roman Catholic Worship in the Middle Ages by James Monti. I had wanted it badly.  This book is somewhat like an encyclopedia, only one that provides a live, guided tour of the rites…

Feast of the Guardian Angels

We just enjoyed the feast of St. Michael and the Archangels three days ago, and now we remember the tireless, loving work of our Guardian Angels in this feast today. Today is a great day to have angel food cake for dessert! Although most Catholics know the simple prayer to our Guardian Angels (“Angel of…