Catholic Mini-Books for Evangelization and Education

I love books. I love writing and graphic design. And I especially love being Catholic. If you are like that too, then making mini-books is definitely a project for you. All you do is take a regular piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, fold it in half both ways and the long halves in half again, until you have eight equal sections. Then after you cut at the middle fold, you fold it together inwards and–voila!–a tiny book with a front and back cover and six inner pages.

Why YOU Should Be a Traditionalist

Some people think of so-called Traditionalists as grumpy, nerdy, elitist, conspiracy-theorists who want to imprison other Catholics in the dreaded Middle Ages. The term “Traditionalist” describes those Catholics that value the “smells and bells,” that is, the fullness of Catholicism expressed in teachings and morality, traditions and prayers, and in the celebration of the liturgy. It’s really not scary and weird like people think.

Sanctifying Secular Time: The Week

Supposedly some of the names of the days of the week in the English language are derived from the names of Norse gods. (This has always fascinated, rather than annoyed, me.) We must live each of these days in a Christian way, however, and one great way to do that is to observe the tradition of Christian…

10 Ways to Celebrate a Christian Easter

Did the title of this post strike you as extremely ironic? It is ironic, because of our wayward culture that has gone totally off course, of course! But, the great news is, we can evangelize this culture by celebrating! (Perhaps that should be this site’s new motto, “Evangelization through celebration.”) We must celebrate especially hard to joyfully keep the…