Feast of the Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel - CopyWe just enjoyed the feast of St. Michael and the Archangels three days ago, and now we remember the tireless, loving work of our Guardian Angels in this feast today. Today is a great day to have angel food cake for dessert!

Although most Catholics know the simple prayer to our Guardian Angels (“Angel of God, my guardian dear…”), many probably do not know that there is much more out there to help us appreciate our angelic guides. Here is a special table blessing for today’s feast, and here are some thoughts on having a regular devotion to your guardian angel (with quotes from St. Pio!). Lots more information on guardian angels can be found here. And–last but not least!–watch Bishop Sheen’s entertaining and enlightening Life is Worth Living episode about angels!

Have you read aloud to your children the Angel Food: Little Talks to Little Folks books (from the 1940’s/1950’s) by Fr. Gerald Brennan? You really ought to! My mother got ahold of some of these books when I was a small, and she read to us girls a chapter a day as part of (home)school. It was a beautiful spiritual recollection time for us, and perfectly appropriate for our ages. My mother told us that each of these “talks” were originally given as homilies for morning Masses at a Catholic school. Remembering this, it prepared me to listen intently to the sermons of our parish priest on school mornings when I went to Catholic school the next year. Angel Food Time by Fr. Brennan

These books have since been reprinted, so you thankfully won’t have to buy the very-well used (and hopefully loved!) ex-library copies from a Catholic school like my mother did. If you are teaching your children the Faith using the Baltimore Catechism, you will find the index of corresponding topics for each chapter in this book very helpful for further explanation and discussion!

Two more books about angels your family will love are Fr. Brennan’s Toby’s Shadow, an adaptation/retelling of the Book of Tobit (out of print, currently, but used copies are available), and Marigold Hunt’s A Book of Angels (recently reprinted by Sophia Institute Press). Of course, you should definitely read the Book of Tobit in the Bible, as soon as you have a chance!

May you have wonderful day, remembering all the good that our guardian angels do for us. Be sure to pray a thanksgiving for their constant help, and thank the Good Lord for his boundless generosity in providing them to us!

Feast of the Guardian Angels


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