Putting the Church to Bed: Compline at Home

How’s your evening routine every day? Is it peaceful and recollected, with your thoughts tending toward heaven as you head to bed each night? Well, it can be that way–that is what the prayer of Compline is for.


6 Keys to Catholic Culture from the Age of Faith

I have a small ambition: I really want to change the world. I want to save it–or at least, the souls in it. I want to help rebuild and restore Christian culture. Are you with me? Of course, it’s an immense undertaking that will likely take millions of people, generations of effort, and a constant outpouring of God’s abundant…

Prayer ‘Draws from Life Its Weariness’

From a beautiful hymn from Lauds the-day-before-yesterday: “Tui precatus munere/Nostrum reatum dilue./ Arcens mali contagium,/ vitae repellens taedium.” —or— “Now join thy prayers with ours, who pray/ That God may pardon us and bless;/ For prayer keeps evil’s plague away,/ And draws from life its weariness.” Yes! That is exactly what I have been feeling.…