Why It Is “Church Latin”

“Church Latin” is the informal, snappier-sounding term for the more scholarly phrase Ecclesiastical Latin, or the occasionally-used Medieval Latin. All of these terms are used to denote something different from “Classical Latin”–the Latin used by, say, Julius Caesar. Church Latin was (and is!) the Latin used by the Catholic Church for two thousand years–thus, where the “Church” part comes in.


American History: The Catholic Version

Reading this book is like sitting at the dinner table while listening to the conversation of a man who knows everything. (Which is an incredible experience, as you might imagine.)

Catholic Mini-Books for Evangelization and Education

I love books. I love writing and graphic design. And I especially love being Catholic. If you are like that too, then making mini-books is definitely a project for you. All you do is take a regular piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper, fold it in half both ways and the long halves in half again, until you have eight equal sections. Then after you cut at the middle fold, you fold it together inwards and–voila!–a tiny book with a front and back cover and six inner pages.

Sacred Art and Kids: Links

Although many schools and school systems downplay the arts in curriculum and funding choices, formation of children in the arts is one of the essentials of human life. Don’t fall into that trap! Especially for Catholic children, whom we are trying to lead to God by the most true, straight, and direct route, it is important…

Book Review: Those Terrible Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is privileged material: one can say what one wants about it with the quasi-certitude of never being contradicted. –Régine Pernoud Now the center of my studies on Catholic liturgical tradition, under my magnifying glass to determine what the phrase “Christian Culture” really means, the Age of Faith (a.k.a. Middle Ages) has become my obsession and object…