Lovely Printable Vintage Saints Book

20190908_124233 - Copy

This photo is a page from a delightful book called An Alphabet of Saints, by Fr. Robert Hugh Benson, Reginald Balfour, S.C. Ritchie, and illustrated by L. D. Symington.

Alphabet of Saints - Copy

I made this happy discovery when searching for available scanned versions of Msgr. Benson’s fiction books (Lord of the World is probably his best-known work). Immediately I made printouts–this is ideal for Sunday School classes, family feast day celebrations, etc.

All the saints featured inside are listed on the cover. Besides a rhyming verse for each saint, accompanying illustrations of various sizes (depending on the particular page) provide a little training in iconography, and accustom young eyes to the beauty of traditional renderings of saints.

We have enjoyed using this in our family, and I hope you enjoy this beautiful book too!

(Oh, and by the way, TAN Books has reprinted it as a paperback book, though not a coloring book, per se. If you are interested in purchasing that you can find it at their site and those of popular online retailers!)


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