Latin Lessons Answer Key

It’s about time I put up the answer key for the eager Latin students that have downloaded the five free Church Latin lessons I posted a while ago. I hope it helps!


Lesson 1:

  1. Life is good.
  2. My fatherland is good.
  3. The large trumpet is not your trumpet.
  4. My land is small.
  5. My fault is not large.
  6. The trumpets are small.
  7. The streets are good and small.


  1. Aqua bona est.
  2. Terra mea pulchra et magna est.
  3. Tuba est parva.
  4. Patria tua pulchra est.
  5. Culpae parvae sunt.
  6. Patria tua et anima tua non bonae sunt.
  7. Viae bonae sunt magnae.


Lesson 2

  1. Mary does not have a daughter.
  2. Holy Mary is blessed.
  3. My daughter loves land and water.
  4. Why do you love trumpets?
  5. I love roses and life.
  6. A holy life has great glory.
  7. You love your fatherland.
  8. Wisdom has three wings.


  1. Filias meas amo.
  2. Rosa non habet alas.
  3. Sapientiam et vitam amas.
  4. Cur rosas parvas amas?
  5. Anima mea magnam sapientiam habet.
  6. Patria tua magnam gloriam habet.
  7. Filia tua Sanctam Mariam amat.
  8. Filia mea culpam magnam habet.


Lesson 3

  1. The trumpet of the daughter, the trumpet of the daughters; the trumpets of the daughter, the trumpets of the daughters.
  2. Mary’s rose; Mary’s roses.
  3. The anger of the queen, the anger of the queens.


  1. Mary has great wisdom: Mary’s wisdom is great.
  2. The fault of Eve is great. Holy Mary does not have faults.
  3. We love Scripture.
  4. They love wisdom and glory.
  5. The large trumpets of your daughters are good, and not bad.
  6. Holy Mary is the Mother of Mercy.
  7. My native country is good, but I do not love my country.
  8. The daughters of Eve have faults.
  9. Where is the trumpet? Where are the trumpets? Why do they not have trumpets?
  10. My daughters love starts, but do not have stars.
  11. The anger of your daughter is great because she does not have roses.
  12. The big gate is not good but bad.
  13. We always love justice, but mercy is also good.
  14. Mary is the queen of the Church.
  15. Eve’s roses are beautiful, but my daughters’ roses are not beautiful.


  1. Maria Ecclesiam amat.
  2. Ira reginae magna est.
  3. Ubi est rosa Evae?
  4. Portam habent. Portas habent.
  5. Filia mea rosas Mariae amat.
  6. Rosae aquam non habent.
  7. Filia tua vitam sanctam habet.
  8. Vita filiae tuae sancta est.
  9. Vitae filarum tuarum sanctae sunt.
  10. Cur Ecclesiam non amant?


Lesson 4

  1. He gives water to me; he gives water to you.
  2. They give wisdom to us; they give wisdom to y’all.
  3. He points it out to us; they point it out to them.
  4. The small girl gives trumpets to the queen; the small girls give trumpets to the queen; the small girls give trumpets to the queens.


  1. Your daughter gives roses to my daughter.
  2. Mary shows Scripture to me.
  3. The queen gives the trumpet to you.
  4. Where is the Star of Glory?
  5. Eve shows the beautiful gate to your daughters.
  6. The queens give a great land to us.
  7. The Lord gives wisdom to my soul.
  8. The small trumpets are bad, but Mary gives trumpets to the queens.
  9. Where is wisdom? Also, where is mercy? The Lord gives wisdom and mercy to us.
  10. A bad life has many faults, but a holy life does not have faults.
  11. Holy Church gives you (y’all) the water of life.
  12. The large daughter gives them roses because she loves queens.
  13. The queens show roses to Eve and Mary.
  14. He shows you (y’all) the small road, because he loves the road.
  15. Show your fatherland to me!


  1. Regina rosas dat. Filiis tuis rosas dat.
  2. Maria portas eis ostendit. Quoque ostendit eis tubas.
  3. Vitae filiae tuae sancta est. Vitae filiarum tuarum sanctae sunt.
  4. Eva et Maria aquam filiae meae dant.
  5. Anima tua magnas culpas habet, sed Ecclesia tibi Aquam Vitae dat.
  6. Anima bona magnus culpas non habent.
  7. Scriptura sapientiam reginae ostendit.
  8. Porta pulchra gloriam viis dat.
  9. Eva culpam filiis tuis dat.
  10. Dominus vitam animae tuae dat.


Lesson 5

  1. In the street, in the streets; with (the) girls; on the table, on the tables.
  2. With the Sibyl in the streets, with sibyls in the street.
  3. For my daughter, for your daughters; from the street, from the streets.
  4. In (the) water; without trumpets; without grace; out of the gates.


  1. The gates are in the streets.
  2. Mary puts the trumpet on the table.
  3. My daughter is without water, but Eve has water.
  4. The Sybil is without mercy.
  5. Scripture is from Holy Church.
  6. Without the water of life, your daughter is bad.
  7. (A) Justification for His Life
  8. For the life of the roses, Mary puts the roses in water.
  9. Mary and Eve put roses in the water. They do not put roses in the street.
  10. They love Mary because she does not have faults: Mary is without faults.
  11. Tables with roses are good.
  12. Out of the stars they have light.
  13. Hide me from the justice of the queen!
  14. The queen gives glory to me because I am free from faults.


  1. Habent filiam cum sapientia.
  2. Patria tua sine aqua est.
  3. Vita bona sine culpis est.
  4. Tuba ex mensa est.
  5. Maria tubam in mensa ponit.
  6. Stellae in via non sunt.
  7. Filia tua in anima culpam habent.
  8. Cum Scriptra et Ecclesia, vita est bona.
  9. Cur reginae sine misericordia?
  10. Porta in patria mea magna non est.


Latin is such an incredible language, and learning it is a laborious and exhilarating experience at the same time. Keep at it, and you will be amazed at the treasures your Latin studies unlock!



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