Christmas Gifts for the Child Jesus

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What are you giving to Our Blessed Savior this Christmas?

It’s the time of year that is spent so frantically shopping for gifts for family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances that it is easy to forget to also give something to Our Lord for His birthday. Accordingly, now is the time to get out those donation request letters you’ve been recycling all year and to give them a little something extra: in addition to your tithe, see what you can do this week to give to the needy in honor of Christ’s birth.

My personal favorite causes to support are vocations to traditional religious orders and solid, faithful Catholic colleges. My husband’s favorite causes are Pro-Life and Pro-Family causes. We get plenty of letters asking for support from many different groups, and we know they all need lots of help. Out of God’s blessings to us, we will give to them with gratitude and joy in remembrance of the Holy Child.

Whom do you feel called to help this Advent in preparation for Christmas? To whom can you give a little extra out of your charity and your love of God?


Your thoughts:

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