Advent Poem/Prayer

Blessed Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

This being the only apparition I know of in which Our Lady reveals herself as pregnant (I have heard that the black bands around her wrists are an old Mexican tradition denoting pregnancy), today is a great day to post this poem by my all-time favorite Catholic poet, Fr. Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Oratio Patris Condren: O Jesu vivens in Maria

Jesu that dost in Mary dwell,

Be in thy servants’ hearts as well,

In the spirit of thy holiness,

In the fullness of thy force and stress,

In the very ways that thy life goes

And virtues that thy pattern shows,

In sharing of thy mysteries;

And every power in us that is

Against that power put under feet

In the Holy Ghost the Paraclete

      To the glory of the Father. Amen

Isn’t that beautiful?

May you continue your observance of Advent in a spirit of peaceful, prayerful waiting, imitating Our Blessed Lady prayerfully awaiting the coming of her Son.


Your thoughts:

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