5 Free Church Latin Lessons

Wanna learn Latin?

Wanna learn Church Latin, so you can understand Catholic stuff better?

Most Latin textbooks today teach Latin using vocabulary terms relating to ancient Roman culture. Great old-fashioned textbooks teach students to read Julius Caesar’s writing, providing them with scores and scores of military words. Catholics interested in understanding Church writings, Mass texts, Scripture, and Gregorian chant need a different approach.

Working with some Catholic Latin students last year, I began developing Latin lessons that meet the needs of Catholics interested in their Faith and religious heritage. They wanted to understand the ancient Latin liturgy better, and the Gregorian chant they were learning to sing in our choir. Curious, determined, and excited about Catholic tradition, they were a great group of students. And if that sounds like you too, or someone you know, scroll down!

5 Free Church Latin Lessons.JPG - Copy

Below are five lessons which teach you some basics of Latin, using words found in Catholic writings, prayers and Gregorian chant. I recommend them for students 12+. (If you have younger students who have a solid background in English grammar, you might let them try and see what they can do.) In these lessons students will learn to both read Latin and to compose sentences in Latin.

If you’re interested in Latin, I hope these introductory lessons fit the bill. Feel free to comment, critique, and criticize these pages–I want to improve them according to what students need. Please let me know what you need, and I hope you will enjoy!

  • For all five lessons above, here is the Answer Key.


(January 2018) Note: I have found some errors as I am working on a revision of these lessons. Until that is completed, please be aware of these errata:

•  In the Lesson 5 vocabulary list, I misspelled the English word which should be correctly rendered “Sibyl.”

•  In the Lesson 3 vocabulary list, the spelling of the Latin word for “Church,” that is, “Ecclesia,” has a typo. Only one “s” is to be found in the Latin.

Please be sure your students get these right!



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