5 Great Blogs for Catholic Men

Continuing this short series on Catholic Manhood, I would like to link to some of the best blogs and sites dedicated to this topic that I have seen. Go to these great sites to hear from Catholic men–priests and laymen–on topics such as Catholic life, virtue, fatherhood, friendship, theology…and so much more. Posts and articles at these blogs have inspired the discussion here, and I am so grateful to have found them. Look around, bookmark, and enjoy!

5 Great Blogs for Catholic Men

  • Those Catholic Men: This blog, which has scores of contributions from several men including many priests, immediately restores your hope for the future. Quite a few Catholic men are faithful, passionate, and eloquent in the service of the Church. Their writing here will educate and encourage other Catholic men to be strong, committed and faithful as well.
  • The Catholic Gentleman: I regularly pin posts from this site onto my Catholic Living board. Written by a Catholic husband and father, this fantastic blog is kind of like the men’s version of the ladies’ online periodical Regina Magazine. There are many obviously spiritual topics here, naturally; and there are also posts about hunting, drinking beer, and movies. It’s a celebration of the best of manliness and manly Catholicism. Don’t miss this blog!
  • The New EMangelization: From the time I heard this site’s name, I knew I was going to like it. This site is devoted to re-evangelizing Catholic men so that they will return, serve, and rebuild the Church. In their own words, their mission is “To Draw Catholic Men to Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church.”  It’s a fantastic initiative with many branches and related projects. Hopefully all their work will succeed and grow!

Although not just about Catholic men per se, OnePeterFive and The Liturgy Guy are two of my favorite blogs that frequently feature posts on masculinity and the liturgy, the Man Crisis, etc. Unsurprisingly, these two were both started by Catholic men who have a passion for the Church, and are happy to use their talents in her service.

  •  OnePeterFive, like a magazine, covers everything from current news items of interest and Catholic life and family topics, to points of view on history and philosophy, all on a beautifully laid-out, easily-accessible home page. There’s something for everyone here!
  • The Liturgy Guy is written by a Catholic husband and father (and a convert from agnosticism and Protestantism, incidentally) who writes about Catholic worship in the Roman Rite: “life, liturgy and the pursuit of holiness ” as he puts it. His love for the “smells and bells” of the Roman Catholic tradition he has discovered is apparent in every post. Sometimes you will see his writing at OnePeterFive, as he was invited to be a contributor there.

Now, dear reader: if you think a man you know would enjoy browsing these sites, please send a link to this post on to him! I hope that all of you are as inspired as I am by the great work of these excellent Catholic bloggers!


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