The Splendor of Catholic Music: 15 Awe-Inspiring Albums

The Splendor of Catholic Music: 15 Awe-Inspiring Albums

Almost nothing has brought greater happiness and inspiration into my life in the last five years than my discovery of the continuous tradition of Sacred Music within the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church built the Western Civilization of the last 2,000 years, and Sacred Music is the soundtrack for all this history! To connect to this artistic glory through modern recording technology is a gift and blessing, for which I am profoundly grateful.

As I find one album I enjoy, someone suggests another one, and that leads to another still. Being in a schola, I have learned a lot from the Musica Sacra Forum about great artists, both then and now, who have composed stunning pieces that I listen to constantly. Wanting to share this beauty with you, I have linked to a bunch of my favorite discoveries over the last few years. Making the selections wasn’t easy. Here is a list of (only!) 15 of my favorite albums of glorious Sacred Music that I hope you will love too!

Catholic Sacred Music from around the world:


From the (Catholic) Byzantine tradition:


Chant and polyphony to enjoy all year round:

Sacred Music for special times in the liturgical year:

Amazing music composed by a great saint:

Enjoy! And if you have time, tell me, what are your favorite pieces of Sacred Music? Let me know what else I should listen to!

One thought on “The Splendor of Catholic Music: 15 Awe-Inspiring Albums

  1. I have to affirm your opinion of Hurko’s Liturgy No. 3. I get goosebumps and nearly cry at its beauty. I cannot even begin to imagine being present at a Mass in which that was sung.

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