Feast of St. Jerome

"Dürer-Hieronymus-im-Gehäus" by Albrecht Dürer - http://www.deutschefotothek.de/obj30105649.html. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:D%C3%BCrer-Hieronymus-im-Geh%C3%A4us.jpg#mediaviewer/File:D%C3%BCrer-Hieronymus-im-Geh%C3%A4us.jpg

Blessed feast of St. Jerome!

St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church, patron of librarians, and translator of Holy Scripture into Latin (which version is now called the Vulgate), is particularly known for having been a grumpy or irascible saint. Over and above all the many great and charitable and holy things he did, this fact about his personality always fascinated me and stuck in my mind. (Probably because I tend toward the curmudgeon myself.) So, in honor of the unofficial patron saint of being cranky, I offer some things that have been extrememly annoying to me lately:

  1. My husband and I have been studying our families’ genealogies again. We have found information on ancestors going back hundreds of years. During this absolutely fascinating endeavor, I have my eyes peeled for special family names, hoping and hoping I will see the surname of a saint. Nothing. Nada. Zip. And not just one but BOTH of my dearest childhood friends were from a saint’s family: one from the family of a charitable Italian priest devoted to caring for poor orphans, and the other was from the same family as one of the glorious Forty Martyrs of England/Wales of the 1500s. Sighhhhh.
  2. As I was looking at my calendar on the wall this afternoon, I noticed that it was almost time to change it again. It’s gonna be October tomorrow! Time flying definitely makes me cranky. Thank goodness October is such a beautiful month, though—the Month of the Holy Rosary. It’s time to get your Marian hymns out and your voices all set to sing! I can’t believe it but, there are only about 8 weeks left of this liturgical year—Advent comes at the end of November already. Yikes yikes yikes!
  3. While on the topic of my calendar, I have to show you what else I saw when I was contemplating it. I got really cranky when I saw this beautiful painting:

Mystery Painting

labeled like this:

NOT St. Francis of Assisi

Really? They really thought that this is supposed to be ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI?!?!?!?

How did they not notice the triangular halo? How did they not notice the Creator’s gesture of benediction over His creation? How did they not notice the lack of clear symbols of St. Francis: brown robes, the Stigmata, brown hair and a brown beard…what—what—what?!?!?!? I’d say “Go back to Art 101” if I believed that they taught rudimentary iconography in beginning college art classes–but they don’t. My goodness, they barely teach art at all. Argh!

Well, since it is clear now that I have definitely got the being cranky part down, I guess I had better pray to St. Jerome today for intercession about the being a saint part. Have a blessed feast, and don’t forget to spend some time today getting ready for the very Marian month of October!



One thought on “Feast of St. Jerome

  1. Hahahahahahahaha! I am a few days late coming to this but I guess i will have to join the ranks of being a cranky-pants! I have that same calendar and I hadn’t even noticed the mislabelling!

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