3 Great Blogs to Read

Because there are so many educated, brilliant, passionate writers who love the Church and her sacred tradition, there are a gazillion blogs on topics that are close to my heart–I’m finding more and more all the time. Making some discoveries in the last few weeks, I have a few blog recommendations today that I want to make sure you know about:

  • The Way of Beauty (David Clayton) A beautiful (of course!) blog on Catholic prayer, living, and art, by the “artist-in-residence” at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts. Often featured on New Liturgical Movement, Mr. Clayton’s topics are fascinating and his writing is clear. Currently this is one of my favorite blogs.
  • liturgy guy (For an instant dose of happiness today, see this recent post on the Return of the Seminarians.) I just discovered this blog yesterday, and already love it. Timely, insightful and interesting, dedicated to “life, liturgy, and the pursuit of holiness,” and written by a Catholic husband, father and convert, this is definitely a blog you’ll want to follow, too.
  • Ad Imaginem Dei (subtitled: “Thoughts on the history of western art, from a Catholic perspective”) For those who are interested in educating themselves in principles of Christianity and the Western tradition of art, this is the blog for you. Abounding in beautiful images from the Catholic artistic tradition through the ages, this is the art appreciation course you could never get in college. Enjoy being educated and inspired!

For those of us that love the Catholic Church in all the splendor and glory of her tradition, it really is a good time to be alive and surfing the web. I find so much good stuff each day. Let me know if you’ve found something good recently that I and other readers would enjoy. Remember to not only visit and enjoy these and other great sites, but also find some way to support Catholic sites and media. I feel so blessed that there is so much–let’s keep it coming!


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