A Prayer for Someone’s Conversion

The tenderness and completeness of this prayer for conversion, from a Victorian-era prayer book, will make you feel like you’ve done a good deed for the day once you’ve prayed it!

For the Conversion of Another

Incarnate God!  my divine, my adorable Redeemer! who art the way, the truth, and the life, oh bring him (or her) to the knowledge of thy truth.

O thou who art the Light of the blind, the Refuge of sinners, our Saviour and our Sacrifice, O thou who gavest thyself to be our daily bread, have mercy upon him.

Thou, O Lord, knowest what is in man, and thou knowest what trammels surround him Thou knowest all his darkness, all his weakness, all his doubts; have pity, therefore, upon him, O my Saviour; and let the bright beams of thy eternal truth shine in upon his mind: clear away the clouds of error and of prejudice from before his eyes, and mercifully vouchsafe to teach him thy truth and to make him all thine own.

I know, O my Savior, that thou hast founded but one true Church, and hast promised to abide with it even unto the end of the world. O let not the soul for which I pray be shut out from thy blessed fold! May it abjure all error and schism; may it hasten back to thy church; and be received into her bosom ere death cut short its doubts.

O Lord my God let no worldly, no unworthy motives, I beseech thee, mingle with his enquiries after truth. In all he hears, or reads, or speaks, do thou, who wast meek and lowly of heart, teach him to do it with the profoundest humility and in the spirit of prayer.

May no prejudices of education, no early national associations, no fear of censure or of ridicule, have power to withhold him: may no affection or admiration for any created being check the spirit of enquiry within him: may nothing keep him away from thee, my God. May he feel a longing desire to know thee more perfectly, that he may serve thee and love thee better; and may this desire speedily lead him to that Communion upon earth where, by a spirit of penance and of prayer, by spiritual obedience, and by the blessed efficacy of thine appointed sacraments, he may be learn to cultivate those dispositions which thou hast promised to crown with everlasting glory.

O God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost, thrice holy God, mercifully vouchsafe to hear my prayer. Amen.


From  The Catholic Hours, or, The Family Prayer Book, T. Jones, Catholic Publisher, 1840

Prayer for Someone's  Conversion


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