Te, Joseph, Celebrent!

 May they (the heavenly host) praise you, Joseph!

Coronation of St. Joseph by Juan de Valdés Leal

Coronation of St. Joseph by Juan de Valdés Leal

It’s the Feast of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin!

Some ideas for today:

  • Listen. Those popular consecrated religious artists the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, among others, have recorded a beautiful polyphonic version of the Te Joseph Celebrent that everyone should hear. These sisters also recorded a Hymn to St. Joseph in English that uses the Litany of St. Joseph–so gorgeous!
  • Feast. St. Joseph has always been particularly dear to the Italians, so today is a great day for Italian food! For ideas, recipes, and customs, go here and just keep scrolling down for dozens of suggestions!
  • Pray. Pray the Vespers hymn Te Joseph Celebrent and the Litany of St. Joseph in Latin or English. Pray to St. Joseph for priests. Since St. Joseph is the patron saint of engaged couples and a holy death, pray to him about those things, too.
  • Ponder. In his extraordinary, extensive work (it’s practically an encyclopedia of feast days, seasons, and the Divine Office) The Liturgical Year, Benedictine Abbot Dom Prosper Gueranger writes, “…Joseph was espoused to the Virgin of the house of David, by a union which surpassed in love and purity everything the angels themselves had ever witnessed.” (!!!) And “…Joseph was beloved and honored by the uncreated Word, the Wisdom of the Father, and by the Virgin, the masterpiece of God’s power and holiness.” Just think–we really can’t love and honor St. Joseph enough today!

This is one of the special red-letter days of the Church Year, dear readers! HAVE A BLESSED FEAST!

St. Joseph OPN






2 thoughts on “Te, Joseph, Celebrent!

  1. The Hymn to St. Joseph was sooooooooooo lovely! Thanks for linking to it. I’ve never heard the litany sung before–only read it.

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