Missal Cover Embroidery Project

As you might have guessed, the post from the other day about being a Catholic artist, that is, expressing your Faith actively through art, describes an ideal that I am embracing wholeheartedly. For one of my first projects I am working on a hand-embroidered missal cover for my dear mother.  I told her that everything of a religious nature in use in our Domestic Churches must be decorated, because that’s how Catholics lived during the Age of Faith. And fortuitously she has just gotten a brand-new daily missal, so I volunteered to do the embroidery for it.

Embroidery is one of my life-long interests, beginning in childhood. Mostly having done cross-stitch, I felt that wouldn’t give the right look to the missal cover, so I decided to go to the library and get some books on the topic to teach myself new stitches–yay! Then my mother had to decide on a design. Last month when we were in St. Louis she had said, “Take a picture of that candelabra! I want that design for my Christ Candle next Advent.” But she liked it so much she wants to use it now for her missal cover, too!

This is what she had seen in St. Louis:

Missal Embroidery ProjectBeautiful and sacred, but with no colors for guidance! Here are a couple adaptations and sketches experimenting with colors and a derivative design:

Missal Embroidery Project

The first thing I stitched was the circle in the center monogram (I changed the color to silver):

Missal Embroidery Project

Then I added that gorgeous blue:

Missal Embroidery ProjectBeing an experienced cross-stitcher, this old-fashioned embroidery project is several strides out of my comfort zone–but so much fun! Hopefully I’ll have it ready in just a few weeks. (She wants the back cover embellished too, but that will have a much simpler design.)

What are y’all working on?

Your thoughts:

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