Prayer: After a “Toilsome” Day

For all of you hard-working men and women, here is a beautiful old prayer (from the 1800s) to be prayed at the end of your long and busy day!

After a Toilsome Day

Conducted by thy Providence, O God, through the toils, the vexations, the turmoils, and the business of this day I present myself before thee to beg pardon of all my failings, and to acknowledge that goodness which has upheld me in all my difficulties. Notwithstanding my renewed professions of resignation, I have offended thee by attaching too much importance to the things of this world; by forgetting that thou didst call upon me, and offer interests true and eternal. But, O Lord, thou knowest my weakness; and I can only again confess mine unworthiness, and pray thee to enable me now to seek into the state of my soul that I may unite myself more firmly to thee before this day be for ever past away

Oh forgive me all my sins before I sleep; and grant that I may wake in the morning with a strong and lasting resolve to work out my salvation. Assist my weak endeavours that I may grow in grace as I grow in years. Cleanse my heart from all those corrupt dispositions which are offensive to thee; from pride, wrath, selfishness, and inattention to serious things To my sense of mine unworthiness, let me add real sorrow; and to sorrow, sincere purposes of amendment. May I always reverence thy holy name, thy church, thy word and ordinances. May I be ever just, mild, and compassionate to others: temperate, chaste, and humble in the government of my passions: content with my condition: and although diligent in my business, yet ever mindful to heap up to myself treasures there where no foe can break in upon my hoard.

Where I err, let me amend; and where I amend, let me give the glory to thee, my Creator, my Redeemer, and my Sanctifier.

Bless all my relations and friends, and especially those who are near and dear unto me; and grant that I may never give pain to those for whom I am beseeching thy mercy. Accept the prayers, and pardon the imperfections, of all, through the merits of thy Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


From  The Catholic Hours, or, The Family Prayer Book, T. Jones, Catholic Publisher, 1840

Prayer: After a "Toilsome" Day


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