Book Review: Seven Lies about Catholic History

Recently I finished reading Diane Moczar’s Seven Lies about Catholic History: Infamous Myths about the Church’s Past and How to Answer Them. I feel like I have taken a trip through time with a wise and courageous warrior! Staring straight down the barrels of the weapons that Modernists level at the Catholic Church, Mrs. Moczar explains the egregious myths they attack the Church with–myths that are only loosely based on historical events, as they are misreported, reimagined, and reinvented. She constantly and scathingly refutes the Modernist notion that the motivation and intention behind all the actions of Catholic clergy en masse throughout much of history was an evil, self-serving, monomaniacal hunger for power.

Seven Lies about Catholic History--Diane MoczarGet ready to read the stories of what really happened: see realistic numbers, look at the real men behind the myths, and view history from a new (old!) perspective. The work of Catholics has been praiseworthy throughout history, including during: the so-called “Dark Ages,” the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Trial of Galileo, the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, and the Protestant Revolt. Steeped in love for the Church as I am, even I did not realize how much I had submitted my mind to enslavement by Modernism’s ugly views on the presence and work of the Church throughout the ages. I love my Faith and my Church so much more than I did before after reading this historical survey.

Dr. Moczar’s writing is marvelous! She writes beautiful sentences, sprinkling her paragraphs with so many interesting tidbits and facts that connect the dots about so many things you didn’t even know you were wondering about in the back of your mind! Her sense of humor, manifest throughout the whole book, shows that like most faithful Catholic historians she has a razor-sharp acuity for perceiving irony. With her fascinating subject, warm and witty style, and thoughtful and charitable appendix explaining how to patiently educate others about the truth behind the myths, this is a book to read and re-read, and to share.

If you would love a rousing and joyful trip through history, this unapologetic tour provides your first-class ticket!


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