Prayer Requests

Please pray for these intentions that I have currently, and please post your intentions below so that I can add them to my daily Rosary!

  • For a new opportunity my husband and his friend are investigating
  • For the pastor and Faithful of my local parish church as they work to plan and build a new church building, that they may build a Temple for the glorification of God and the sanctification of all of our souls
  • For the Schola that I sing in, for our continued faithfulness to God’s will
  • For my brother, sisters, and brothers- and sister-in-law that they may all discern God’s will and have His peace in their lives

Thank you ever so much, and I will be praying for your intentions as well!


(Oh, recently I learned that the term I have long used, that is, “prayer warrior,” is not a Catholic term in its origin. Predictably, we Catholics have our own traditional word for such a concept! Those of us who take on the duty of praying for each other are beadsmen. This is an old English term from the English root bede which meant prayer. I’m gonna have fun with this!)


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