OWAB: Classical Music, Live

015 - CopyLook where I was two weekends ago! Ahhhh…Classical music is just about my favorite type of music to play on the stereo each day–but it’s even better to experience it in a packed symphony hall (and the place was packed, too, after fifteen more minutes).

If you have ever been to a philharmonic or classical music concert, then you probably know–there’s nothing quite like the rise and fall of the instruments as you watch the musicians playing right in front of you! And you can watch the conductor and know beforehand that the violins are about to start playing faster and louder if he jumps up and down the way our enthusiastic conductor did two weeks ago. It was such a fun surprise when my husband said, “I’ve got tickets for this Saturday–let’s go!”

Predictably (but it is so easy to forget in our culture where recorded music is everywhere), live music is soooo much better than “canned” music on an MP3 file or a CD. Being live, this one-chance-to-get-it-played-right-is-all-they’ve-got music is 3-dimensional, happening around you. The power of the music in the air overwhelms the emotions.

As a side note, I thought I’d mention that in the Catholic Church, we are forbidden to play recordings of music during the liturgy for this reason, the fact that something so sacred needs the presence of real people really present to really sing. Isn’t that interesting? If it is recorded, it isn’t real; if it isn’t real, it isn’t good enough for worshipping God.

And if music isn’t real, it’s barely good enough for us, I’ve decided–so I’m going to save up and go for the best as often as we can. We can sacrifice some lesser things to go to the symphony hall more often. Prioritizing the best of music in our family life, I particularly look forward to introducing our children to it when they are big enough.

How good for the soul beautiful music is! It brings us closer to God in subtle ways.Try it for yourself, even if you think you don’t like Classical music. I’d wager you would like it better than you ever did before once you experienced the sound of a live orchestra! Learn and listen with your spouse and children.  We can restore beauty in music to its rightful place in our culture, one family at a time.


2 thoughts on “OWAB: Classical Music, Live

  1. As a homeschooling parent I discovered it doesn’t have to cost a lot (or even anything!) to go to a live performance. If you live near a university there are student and faculty recitals and other types of programs that the school produces without charge or for a nominal fee. I finally got to experience Carmina Burana this way. And don’t forget plays, too! And if you don’t live in a university town check out your local high school offerings of jazz bands, orchestral performances and plays.

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