More Photos: St. Louis

We made it home yesterday night, Deo Gratias! Thank you for all of your prayers–it was a wonderful, enriching experience.

There are so many more photos of the Cathedral Basilica that I want to share with you. What a magnificent building!

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 002 - Copy

Going in the front door–you feel so very small, and God is so very, very great (and beautiful, too, of course)!

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 003 - Copy

As soon as you step inside the front doors, you see this amazing narthex decorated all over the walls and ceiling with scenes from the life of St. Louis IX, King of France, in the Byzantine style.

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 004 - Copy

(Narthex–oh, how beautifully it glitters!)

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 005 - Copy

(More narthex ceiling)

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 010 - Copy

(Another shot of a small section of the narthex ceiling)

When you enter the mail part of the Basilica, it’s like a maze of chapels and shrines and beautiful, sacred details. It’s the love of God for His creatures made visible and present in an incredible way. Here are some tiny ceiling sections in a hallway near one of the four side chapels:

 St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 023 - Copy

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 026 - Copy

I think the above photos are my favorite part of the whole place. Beauty like this, here in the Basilica that took 75 years to complete, reminds us that Heaven will be an eternal contemplation of the glorious beauty that is God, our Creator who loves with a charity more infinite and vast than the immensity of this Cathedral, or the intricacies of the designs covering the walls, ceilings, and floors.

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 043 - Copy

Above you see a main section of the Basilica. (Did I mention this place is huge?)

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 075

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 076 - Copy

Some hallways–everything in this place is decorated.

St. Louis Cathedral Basilica 014 - Copy

The Most Blessed Sacrament is reserved in this side chapel.

What a spiritual experience a visit here is. Well, perhaps not for the woman in a tour group whom I heard mutter while I was passing her, “It all just seems so extravagant!”

YES! THAT IS THE ENTIRE POINT! Three generations, and more than 75 years, and more than 41 million mosaic tiles, and it’s huge, and vast, and beautiful, and all for the glory of God and the sanctification of the Faithful. This is fitting worship for the Most High! This only begins to express worthy adoration and praise to Him for His goodness! The only extravagant thing is the love of God for man throughout Salvation History, which was displayed in detail all over the walls.

Visit this place. If you live within six or seven hours of St. Louis, please make the trip this summer. When you enter this temple with prayer and fear of the Lord, you will be changed forever by what you experience.


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