Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis

(Photos below show sections of the marvelous interior of the E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis in St. Louis, Missouri.)

St. Louis Basillica 021 - Copy

I wish I could express just how beautiful this place is. And how vast. The pictures directly above and directly below are images of a tiny (!) side-chapel away from the main altar and sanctuary. There are several side-chapels here, but this one is my favorite (probably because I am a Celtic-knot nut!).

St. Louis Basillica 022 - Copy

 The picture below is an example of the attention to detail the artisans who built and adorned the Cathedral Basilica carefully paid to their work while creating this majestic House of God of art for His glory. What a window!

St. Louis Basillica 028 - Copy

I wish I could give you the feeling of awe and wonder I felt while walking here, while praying here. Breathtakingly beautiful, the whole place glitters with mosaics–there are over 41 million glass tiles in the ceiling and walls! Continually having to pinch myself to make sure I was awake, I kept telling myself, “Heaven is going to be far, far greater than this!”

St. Louis Basillica 002 - Copy

(View of the main section of the nave, the sanctuary, and the main altar.)

As a Sacred Music nerd, I was so pleased to find out that there is approximately a 30-second echo from the sanctuary to the front doors–it’s extremely hard to hear a sermon because of the echoing, especially since they use amplification here for some reason.

Blessed John Paul II visited this Cathedral in 1999, and he was the Pope to designate it as a Basilica. If you ever come out to the Midwest, you simply must visit this sacred place. Truly you will never forget it!


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