Good Morning!

  • Have you prayed your Morning Offering yet?
  • Have you asked your patron saint of the year to pray for you today?
  • Have you offered your good works, prayers, and sufferings of the coming day to God for a particular intention (such as for your parish priest, the conversion of a family member, your spouse, etc.)?
  • Have you prayed the Rosary today? (It’s the Glorious Mysteries on Wednesdays.)
  • Have you examined the events of your coming day to plan how you can avoid near occasions of sin, and to prepare yourself to practice virtues in various circumstances?
  • Have you asked your Guardian Angel to pray for you and help you keep focused on God throughout the rest of the day?

This being-a-Christian business is the most difficult work there is to do in this world. Deo gratias, we have plenty of help if we but ask for it and try faithfully to carry out God’s will throughout just this one day. Just for today, make it as holy as you can, and be as holy as you can. I will be praying for you!


Your thoughts:

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