Fear Not!

While I am waiting for my own family to grow and for children to come, I enjoy teaching, tutoring, coaching and mentoring other people’s students in all manner of topics and interests. Over and over I see what I call “The Great Oz Syndrome,” and it makes me laugh and cry at the same time. Hopefully you are not a victim to this in your life–but if you are, snap out of it quick!

“The Great Oz Syndrome” is a condition where people look upon me (or other ordinary people) as a uniquely privileged and gifted being, one who stands above them in learning ability and competence to instruct their children. HAHAHAHAHA! Someone needs to pull back the curtain–this “Oz” here was simply given abounding curiosity about the world and its inhabitants, paired with an insatiable desire to read all available print, even cereal boxes and passing billboards! No mystery here, folks.

These are very simple ingredients in my make-up, but they have made all the difference in my life. I want you to remember this as you work to educate yourself and establish a Domestic Church: if you want to learn to sing a Gregorian chant piece to honor Our Blessed Mother, learn it! Try it! If you want to celebrate the Carnival Season the way your ancestors did, learn what they did, and adapt the ideas! Try them! Always, always, always–be curious, do not be afraid. Tell yourself, “I can do it if I practice. I am capable of learning this.” You are so competent, and so capable. Let your curiosity lead you to find resources and information, people who know what you are curious to know, and ask lots of questions without feeling stupid. Ignorance is extremely fixable, and certainly nothing to be ashamed of when you are trying to fix it!

This morning I have given you a pep talk, and I want you to take it seriously. The only thing keeping you from doing the great things you want to do for your Domestic Church is that you think that you can’t, that only some Great Super-Knowledgeable Being would be able to make them happen. Obviously you have access to the internet–and with curiousity and a determination to read, learn, and try, you will find that you can do many great things–you too, are Oz, after all!


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