Latin-Learning Resource

Extending a Music Lesson by Veronica Brandt

Here at the St. Catherine Center blog, I have written about learning chants and prayers of the Church in their original language: Latin. A recent post on this topic from the Corpus Christi Watershed blog, Extending a music lesson, presents us with a resource I had never heard of: The Catholic’s Latin Instructor by Fr. Edward Caswell. The author of the original post, a homeschooling mother of seven, has started offering her own online resources to be used in conjunction with this book and providing ideas to help you and your family learn and love our Sacred Language.

(Note: You can buy Fr. Caswall’s book in paperback, and also view it online at the Internet Archive here. It looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!)



One thought on “Latin-Learning Resource

  1. Thank you very much for letting me know about this resource. I have ordered my copy and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Until then I must content myself with a few downloaded pages. I have very high hopes for this text…I have been longing for a Church Latin text that is at my quasi-nube level. No more Caesar! Chant and prayer vocab! Yipee!

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