OWAB: Letter Writing

Stationery Boxes - CopyDear Reader,

When was the last time you wrote a letter, by hand, to someone you love?

A friend of mine has started almost-dating a man she goes to church with. As both of them are very busy, he finishing up his master’s degree and she working several part-time jobs, finding time to be together is tough for them this Spring. I said to her, “Since you don’t get to see each other very often, why don’t you write him letters?” (She knows I’m crazy, so it was okay.)

I realize that e-mails, text messages, and internet status updates of all kinds have been invented–but getting a handwritten letter in the mail is like getting a present delivered, just for you. The means of electronic technology can’t give that feeling! It’s far better to write a letter to a friend, or mother, or sister, than to send an e-mail. Think of what you can include in that envelope! Photos, drawings, comics, coupons, funny candy wrappers…things that will bring you closer together. In spite of all our amazing technology, we are still beings with minds and souls AND bodies! We need real stuff to hold in front of us.

Maybe the best part of sending and receiving letters is the handwriting. Each person’s handwriting has a unique look that, like a fingerprint, instantly alerts you to the fact that this piece of paper has passed through his/her hands. The person’s presence lingers on the paper, and you feel that much closer to your loved one when you read a handwritten letter than when you read the regular robotic text from a computer.

In olden times, letters were written for everything: love letters, condolences, thanks, declarations of independence…and it seems foreign to us because we just don’t write letters much anymore. Reverse the trend! Get out your stationery and address the envelope first. Don’t worry too much about what to write inside–it will be a gift to send just a few simple thoughts. You can do this–try it!

In pace Christi,


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