Eye Candy: Catholic Church Construction & Restorations

For your Sunday afternoon contemplation–there are architects who still design Catholic Churches with beauty and sacred styles! This is my favorite architect’s page to visit, drinking it all in and rejoicing that our Catholic tradition is still very much alive!

See the portfolio for yourself on the website:

Portfolio « Duncan G. Stroik Architect, LLC | Religious and Classical Architecture.

My very very very favorite project is their restoration of St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I wept as I looked at the difference from before (whitewashed, bare, and desolate) to after (the walls and ceiling sing of the glory of the Most High!) in the photo slideshow. Never have I been so powerfully affected by Sacred Art in visual form. See if you are as moved as I was. And then we’ll have to plan a trip there!Here’s a video showing it and other Church restorations around the U.S.!


Enjoy–and have a Blessed Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Eye Candy: Catholic Church Construction & Restorations

    • I found a quote today in Those Terrible Middle Ages by Regine Pernoud that you might like! “On the other hand, the original beauty of many of the edifices has been destroyed today by zealous priests, motivated by a laudable desire for poverty but confused about what is poor and what is merely squalid.” Writing this sentence in the mid-1970s, I believe she is referring to the Romanesque and Gothic churches that were “wreckovated” in that era. The quote could apply to the “squalid” construction of modern church buildings just as easily, don’t you think?

      • I don’t know if that was motivated by a desire for poverty but it was certainly underpinned by a lack of knowledge and awareness for the sacred, just as it is the case for modern churches in so many parts of the world.

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