Tomorrow: Feast of St. Agnes

“St. Agnes’ Eve—Ah, bitter chill it was!” So John Keats begins his poem entitled The Eve of St. Agnes. I will be fasting today on the eve of St. Agnes, in preparation for the feast tomorrow, because ST. ANGES IS MY PATRON SAINT!                        

I chose St. Agnes at Confirmation as my patroness because of her purity and her incredible courage to die at age 13 rather than marry a pagan or to worship the gods of Rome. Also, she is my maternal grandmother’s patron saint, too, and I wanted to share that with her. I only wish we didn’t have to choose just one saint at Confirmation!

Will you be celebrating her feast day, too? Here are some ways you can remember this holy virgin martyr tomorrow in your Domestic Church:

May God bless you and your families through the intercession of St. Agnes! I’ll be celebrating and praying for all of you tomorrow.


(Image from Wikipedia.)


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