Book Review: Letters of a Woman Homesteader

Letters of a Woman Homesteader

Letters of a Woman Homesteader

by Elinore Pruitt Stewart

This book contains four years’ worth of actual letters written by an American widow woman who went West to Wyoming with her tiny daughter. She left a steady job in a developed town to settle her own land and make a new life for herself. With a vibrant and witty style, she writes to a friend about the characters she meets out in the wilderness, the dangers that constantly test her courage and ingenuity, and shares stories that show her cheerful spirit and thoughtfulness that transform more than one life around her. She was a Catholic, too, which is something that is rare to read of in stories of Pioneer America.

Since the events of the book unfold in her letters, I don’t want to go into any specifics about what she does and what happens to her and spoil anything for you. I will say unhesitatingly that if you want to both laugh and learn, to be touched and challenged to live a strong, excellent life by an American heroine, you should read this book.

(Note: It’s available online for free, but I recommend ordering a used copy so you can lend it to friends, write your thoughts in it, and take it anywhere!)

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