Twelfth Night: Why and How

Just around the corner, Twelfth Night is coming! Twelfth Night is an important part of the Christmas Season for Catholics throughout history and around the world–don’t let this day pass you by without commemorating it SOMEHOW!

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So what is Twelfth Night? The vigil of the Feast of the Epiphany.

Why is it important? The day before a solemnity (a high feast day) is a day of excitement and preparation for the coming feast. After sunset on the day preceding the feast, some celebrations for the feast begin. Epiphany is historically and currently a great feast, so the day before and its vigil are also important to observe!

You know, for the great feasts the Church often gives us two for one (or even more, like at Christmas and Easter!). Because there is so much for us to meditate on in the liturgy, there is so much to celebrate at home. Previous generations recognized this and that is why our feast days, vigils, and seasons abound with customs. These traditions and customs are what we should be busy with in our busy lives–they’ll help make our lives more pleasing to God and, I think, much more fun, too.

What should I do to celebrate Twelfth Night? There is so much to do, the big question will be how you will choose to prioritize it. There are foods to make and serve to your family (King Cake and Lamb’s Wool wassail, anyone?), hymns to sing (not just We Three Kings!), poems to read (by everyone’s favorite American expat T.S. Eliot), symbols to decorate with your home with (you’d better get started brainstorming now!)…

It’s all at Fish Eaters–everything you ever wanted to know about the day before the Feast of Epiphany you can find here: Twelfth Night.


5 thoughts on “Twelfth Night: Why and How

  1. It is too cool that my birthday is Twelfthnight! I didn’t know that before this year. I will have to celebrate extra specially. Maybe I will get Shakespeare off the shelf. One of my Christmas presents was a Shakespeare concordance, after all…

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