To Do List: Epiphany

Epiphany is coming! This nowadays-rather-neglected feast is truly an essential part of the Christmas Season and it begins the New Year in a joyful, sacred manner. Be sure to celebrate Epiphany this year, and if you haven’t before you will especially enjoy the riches of the Church’s traditions for this time.

     To Do Today, Dec. 31:

  • Mark the feast day on your calendar: The Feast of the Epiphany has traditionally been celebrated on January 6, and in much of Europe I believe it is still a Holy Day of Obligations as well. Here in the U.S. the feast has been transferred to January 5 this year, which is the Sunday nearest Jan. 6. Mark whichever day you will be celebrating Epiphany.

     To Do This Week:

  • Buy chalk for your door blessing. One of the things we do for Epiphany is bless our homes, and write with blessed chalk above the door the number of the new year and the initials of the three wise men–more on this coming soon.
  • Ask your priest to bless the chalk. (See why above.)
  • Get some Holy Water from your parish church. You will also bless your house with holy water, sprinkling it in each room and over the grounds of your property on the eve of Epiphany.
  • Do a little research. If your family has European heritage, you might find out how Epiphany was/is celebrated in the countries your ancestors came from. Are there special customs for Epiphany from these countries that would have been a part of your family’s celebration generations ago? Incorporating these traditions into your family’s celebrations connects you with previous generations as well as the Universal Church!

I will be adding more information about celebrating Epiphany over the coming days. This will be fun and I can’t wait!


Your thoughts:

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