Your patron saint for 2014! | Conversion Diary

Your patron saint for 2014! | Conversion Diary.

If you didn’t do it for the beginning of the new Church Year at Advent, it’s a great idea to do this now at the end of the secular year: choose a saint as your special patron for Anno Domini 2014. Blogger Jennifer Fulwiler put together this generator to randomly choose saints’ names for you with the click of a button. (It’s fun, and I love that she recommends that you pray before your saint’s name is revealed to you!) Alternatively, you could choose your family’s new patron saints slightly less randomly by theme, location, vocation, etc.

Both the prayer before-hand and the randomness are very good things. At Advent, my family and I did a random drawing for patron saints for the new Church Year from a list composed of my husband’s personal favorite saints. We each got a saint that surprised us! Already I feel closer to my saint, whom I would never have chosen for myself but is eerily appropriate for me. I ask his intercession each morning as I begin my day, and I am so looking forward to his feast day in May.

Do this saint thing. Really. It’s important–and it’s fun! I’d love to know who your saints are for the coming year, so feel free to share!



2 thoughts on “Your patron saint for 2014! | Conversion Diary

  1. We drew names and in a truly Catholic both/and spirit I got 2 saints! St. John Neumann (‘cuz his feast day is my birthday) and Blessed Miguel Pro. I have already been working to wear these gentlemen out.

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