Observing Christmas Eve

T’was the day before Christmas, and all through the house… this is how she observed the day before the feast:

  • Abstaining from meat. No, it’s not Friday, but the day before a feast has traditionally been a day to fast and to abstain from meat. Fr. Z posted yesterday that the two days before Christmas have traditionally been meatless days for Catholics. (I have been abstaining from sweets these last two days also.)
  • Taking a nap and wrapping Christmas presents. We have midnight Mass tonight, after all!
  • Singing Advent hymns for the last time. I dearly love the Veni, Veni Emmanuel and People Look East. This is the last day we get to sing them until next year!
  • Praying for family spread all over the world. We can’t be together to celebrate Christmas this year, so I will remember dear ones by praying that the Christ Child will bless all of them during the coming Christmas season with His grace and joy.
  • Putting away the Advent wreath and lighting the Christ Candle. This year I’m going to clean the layers of wax off the Advent wreath and make it immaculate for next year. After sunset we will light our Christ Candle for the first time!
  • Putting the Child Jesus in the Nativity Scene  (This sort of doesn’t count, since I will technically do it after Christmas begins, but it will happen before we sleep tonight.) After midnight Mass tonight I will bring out the last part of the crèche. I have everything set up from sheep to angels, except the Holy Child. When Christmastide begins tonight, our manger scene will be complete!

Christmas is almost here! O Come, Emmanuel!


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