The Christ Candle

We lit our last Advent candle last night!

In two days, after Mass on Christmas Eve, Advent is over! Your family will carefully put away the Advent wreath, and you can replace it with the Christ Candle, which is lit for the first time on Christmas Eve.

 Traditionally, so they say at the Fish Eaters site, the Christ Candle is decorated either with holly or with symbols of Christ. Since my husband is practicing his skills at woodcarving this season, we have our first Christ Candle this year, carved here at home.


015 - Copy


Christ Candle 007 - Copy

If you want to spiritually celebrate the coming of Christ our Light until Candlemas (Feb. 2), it is an old tradition to keep the candle until then. Alternatively, you can finish your celebration of Christmas at Epiphany on January 5th (or Jan. 6th, trad.)–which used to be the feast celebrating Christ’s Kingship, by the way!

As I mentioned above, my husband and I have never done this before, but we are excited about it. We love the season of Advent, and we love the beautiful wreath with its four candles, finding it sad to give it up on December 25th. But now we’ll have something new and special for Christmastide–and so will you, if you join us for this tradition-experiment!


One thought on “The Christ Candle

  1. Beautiful job, Mr. Ideaharvester! I am jelly. i want one just like it. I see you bought 2 candles…you know what you’re going to do with the other one, right?!

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