St. Margaret of Scotland

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St. Margaret of Scotland is a fairly recent acquaintance: and as I look upon her as a patron saint of my marriage, it is probably appropriate that I only discovered her after my marriage. Her story is so beautiful, and I was struck by similarities in some of the circumstances in our lives. St. Margaret once thought of entering the religious life, but then decided that God was calling her to do His work by being a wife and mother, as I did. She had a large family, as I hope to, and she went about her country doing good works for the poor and supporting the Church, as I ought to! She spent her marriage trying to help her husband get to Heaven; praying for my husband every day and encouraging him in his Faith are things that the priest at our wedding specifically urged me to remember to do.

If you have the book One-of-a-Kind Friends by Ethel Pochocki you will be able to read the version of her story that I first discovered and that made me admire her so much. Andrew and Lenora Lang also wrote about St. Margaret in the book I am reading in the photo above (Saints & Heroes), and you can find the chapter online for free: St. Margaret of Scotland. Print it and read to your children today over your tea and Scottish shortbread.

Happy Feast of St. Margaret, the Pearl of Scotland!


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