Celebrating Baptismal Anniversaries

Today is the Feast of All Souls–Happy Feast Day!–AND it is also the anniversary of my birth into the family of God: it’s my Baptismal Day today! In your prayers this day please remember me, asking Our Lord to give me the graces to be ever faithful to my baptismal promises and keep the Faith all of my life!

If you’ve never celebrated anyone’s Baptismal Day before, you really should–the celebration is a beautiful reminder of the gift of our new life in God through the Sacrament, and therefore it truly is a day even more important than a Birthday! Here are some ways to celebrate the next Baptismal Day in your family:

Light the baptismal candle (or use it to light another white candle) on your home altar. The candle symbolizes the light of the Faith and the grace in the soul that the person received at baptism. Light the candle and meditate before the flame on the beneficent love of God Who granted that we could be part of His Holy Church, and Who continues to give us graces during our earthly pilgrimage that we may have everlasting life one day.

Give your gifts—religious gifts. It’s time to be thinking missals and prayer books, sacred music CDs, saints’ biographies and other books, gorgeous Rosaries and chaplets, icons and statues. Happily, Catholic retailers like Aquinas & More and Monastery Icons are in no short supply of gifts and ideas, even if you do not have a Catholic goods store in your area.

Present the spiritual bouquet the family has been preparing for weeks (months?). The best gift of all is a card with the list of all the Masses, Rosaries, and prayers offered for the person whose baptismal day is this day. To know that many people have been praying for your soul, for spiritual strength and the graces to become a saint through service to others according to your vocation, is an incredible gift.

 Renew baptismal promises. As a family, join in praying the baptismal promises around the home altar. When you renew those Baptismal Anniversariespromises, it really puts your day into perspective! Follow up with the Apostles’ Creed for the twelve important articles of the Faith that set the beliefs of Christians apart from those of every other religion.

Invite/contact godparents. Godparents have promised at his/her Baptism to be spiritual parents who will pray for, guide, and teach the new Christian soul. Because of this special role, godparents have traditionally been greatly honored and loved! If the godparents are still alive, they can participate in person or on the phone with their prayers and good wishes on the baptismal day. If they have died, they can still be asked to pray for the person whose baptismal day it is!

Get out the photos and videos and tell the story—share the special and funny moments with the family.

Have cake–angel food would be a great choice!

I hope you are inspired to get out your calendar now and mark the next baptismal day that’s coming up in your family. We Catholics sure like to celebrate, don’t we? It’s all a foretaste of the eternal celebration that Heaven will someday be!


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