Confident, Not Confused

If your child hasn’t come home yet, confused by a question from a non-Catholic friend or neighbor, get ready: he will. To us Catholics here in the wonderful Bible Belt, God has given a special responsibility to prepare our kids to lovingly witness to our neighboring Protestant brothers and sisters. They are curious, and they ask questions. In north Georgia where I grew up, the popular question seemed to be, “Are you saved?” while here in Tennessee they want to know “Why do you Catholics worship statues?”  The chance to answer these questions is a blessing in disguise for your kids, and for you, giving your family the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Faith together.

Yes—you can prepare your elementary-school-aged children to defend the Faith! A great resource for beginning apologetics is the Friendly Defenders Catholic Flash Cards sets from Ascension Press. Featuring just such questions  on the front of the cards as I was asked while growing up by curious neighbors, the reverse have short answers that your kids can learn quickly, with references from Scripture to back them up.

This is a brilliant way to catechize your children as well as to prepare them to share the Faith with others. The Catholic Faith is Biblical, and unfortunately, this fact is not given much attention in many Catholic books and materials. Your kids will have a head-start on their universal vocation to evangelize if you begin now to steep them in Bible stories, Holy Scripture, and age-appropriate ideas and explanations of how they apply to Catholic beliefs.

So instead of coming home confused, your child will be confident that he could share the light of Christ when his friends bring their questions. And you’ll find, as you are studying together, that you will fall in love over and over again with the Holy Catholic Church, God’s greatest gift to us. …

(All written content on this blog is copyright 2013 by the St. Catherine Catholic Culture Center.)


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